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There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here!

February 6, 2013

Tripping the delights of memory lane is one thing but life is a day to day business of coping and dealing with real time events and consequences.

Mr E  Streams is not a happy man and it is all my fault.  He tells me so.  All the time.

I'm not mad, I promise!  I'm just a married woman, can you please save my life and give me the job?
“I’m not mad, I promise!  I’m just a married woman, can you please save my life and give me the job?” Read more…

The Problem with Young Mothers Today

August 20, 2012

You have way too much time on your hands!

Not like back in my day when we didn’t have the ease of all the mod cons you lot have today.  You don’t know what hard work is.  We cleaned from one end of the day to the next.  And still we found time to put food on the table each night.  Though God only knows where we got the money to do that day in day out.

And that’s another thing with you young mothers – you give your children SO MUCH choice, like they know what is good for them and what they might like for dinner. Every night!  We had routines.  Fixed and fast.  Monday night’s dinner was the same dinner every Monday night, same for the other six nights of the week.  Breakfast was prepared and we sat around and ate it like a proper meal.  Again, no choice.  And juice, it came from oranges, not from boxes and plastic containers. Read more…

Bitter and Twisted

August 16, 2012

I am tired of looking over my shoulder, down the long dusty trail of memory lane.  At this rate I shall never catch up to the present.  I really did want to start afresh with this blogging business.  Turn over not just a new post but a new me blog where I could at least give the half- decent appearance of knowing what I was on about what with a mission statement and clearly stated intentions.

So I set out with the steady, steely resolve to put Sandy Streams out to pasture and begin again with a new blog grandly titled Bitter and Twisted but guess what?  I can’t have it.  Someone has beaten me to it and here I was thinking how clever and original of me!  Sandy, I said to myself, let it go.  Come back and just be yourself.  Besides, those who truly know you, and some indeed who truly love you, know and appreciate just how bitter and twisted you really are.  They are never going to take that away from you. They might have tried but stubborn Sandy, they think to themselves, is not going to let go of any of that in a hurry now is she! Read more…

From Here to Maternity

February 3, 2012

Ed and I, we said “We’re Done”  and with bands of second-hand gold we left our wedding party behind.

We went as far as the local motel.  Where we sat with some family and friends, talking and drinking into the night.  And getting stoned.  That lovely thick smoke wove its magic through the close quarters of the tiny room, dropping its sweet scent into the fabric of my lace wedding dress and Ed’s hired suit. Kids playing at dress up. Kids who, less than twenty-four hours before, had gone and got themselves married!

Read more…

Just the Two of Us!

January 24, 2012

There’s an add doing the rounds on television for a new car, don’t ask me which one, they all look the same to me, where some young pup has asked his go-to girl to marry him.  She lists off the things she needs to do first, like learn the drums (cue shot of car boot being loaded with said drum set) and all other sorts of radical, goofy, “remember, I’m an individual!” life activities before she melts into his arms with a quivering  . . .”yes!”  And off they drive, into the sunset of life together.  All the way to the land of the happy ever after! Read more…

The Day We Said “I Do”

January 4, 2012

I suppose, what with the New Year and everything, I should shift my butt and put some more effort into the musings of one Sandy Streams, woman of mystery and all to all, self-included.  But really, what is there to know?  What is there for me to tell? Are any of our lives really that different from each other’s? But then I remember . . . . I am married to Mr E Streams. Read more…

Looking for Mr Right

September 4, 2011

I found Mr Right, several times . . .

. . . turns out I was always Mrs Wrong. 

Always, it was fun,

until of course it wasn’t

and then the next one came along.

 C’est la vie, kids. 

C’est la vie!

So said someone close to me, someone old and dear to me.

I Must Change the Record

September 2, 2011

In my solitude
you haunt me
with reveries
of days gone by . . .

. . .  in my solitude
you taunt me
with memories 
that never die.

Missing Kisses

September 2, 2011
I should like to say

I’m off to meet my lover

but he has gone

and found another.  

I shouldn’t complain,

it’s a bit of a pain

and it could be worse
kisses broken heart
I could be his wife.

Sharing the Love

September 2, 2011

Never leave a minute without the love of lipstick

lady lipstick

lady lipstick

a girl’s best friend forever.